Laboratory furniture products

Total labs create a wide range of lab furniture products, designed with bespoke dimensions and specifications to ensure your product meets all your requirements.

perimeter lab tops

Perimeter Lab Tops

Using the latest technologies and materials we can manufacture the components for any perimeter lab tops. Our lab tops are created from water, heat and chemical resistant materials that are specifically designed to handle the typical trials faced in a laboratory.
Our Perimeter tables can be manufactured in whatever width or depth you require, with custom cut outs for sinks, gas taps etc. Total Labs is dedicated to creating the highest calibre product meaning that once installed our lab tables will remain durable and hard wearing for years to come, even under constant usage.

island lab tops

Island Lab Tops

Like our perimeter lab tops our Island lab tops are created from the industry's leading materials for the lab environment.
Our Island lab tops are completely customizable featuring cut outs for taps, sinks and other apparatus. Our Island tables can also come with storage underneath, such as cupboards or shelves.

bespoke lab furniture

Bespoke Lab Furniture

Our bespoke lab furniture is a fully customized unit that meets the exact specifications of your requirements. These solo units can feature storage such as cupboards, shelves and lockers. They also come with bespoke cut-outs for cables, gas taps, sinks and more.
Our bespoke units can also be free standing or attached to a wall. We can even manufacture a mobile product by attaching wheels. This gives you the option of a custom unit designed around a specific apparatus or function that can be moved around the lab when needed.

Laboratory Storage

Laboratory Storage

Our Laboratory storage options consist primarily of lockers, cupboards and shelving, we can also provide bespoke storage on request. All of our products are manufactured from solid grade laminate, which is resistant to water, heat and chemicals, making them ideal for storing most apparatus, clothing etc.

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