Component Production

At Total Labs we manufacture all the componants required to supply a lab with all its worktops and basic storage.



Total Labs creates its products using state of the art materials from the world's leading manufacturers such as Trespa/Arpa, Formica, Polyrey and more. For clean rooms we use special water, chemical and heat resistant boards that can't be beaten in performance when used for Lab applications.

For school laboratories or lower usage areas we have a more cost effective range of panels that will meet and surpass the requirements needed for lower end projects.

CNC machine

Product Machining

All of our lab tops, perimeter worktops, cupboards .etc are cut from larger panels. At Total labs we purchase the highest quality boards, which we cut into panels of varying sizes. Then using our state of the art CNC machines we customise the panel to fit your specifications, adding cut outs for sinks, gas taps, wires and much more.

Every one of our products is made up these panels and has undergone this process. It is that kind of repetition that has allowed us to streamline our process creating a more polished product whilst also greatly reducing lead times.

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